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CLEVER is the largest Russian manufacturer of pipes and fittings made from polymers such as PE-Xa/ PE-Xb/ PPSU/ PVDF/ PP-R/ RE-RT/ PVC/ LDPE
The company has been operating since 2014, has extensive production experience, and has long been recognized by consumers.
CLEVER's products have received numerous awards and positive reviews from experts.
The production is located
in St. Petersburg, Russia.
30 000 м²

Production area

12 / 13

Extrusion lines / IMM

150M meters

Pipes produced

30M pcs

Fittings produced

9 years

Production experience


CLEVER is the Russian leader in the production of polymer pipes for plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, as well as fittings and accessories.

PP-R pipes and fittings

Reliable solution for plumbing and heating systems

  • polypropylene pipes from 20 mm to 125 mm for water supply systems
  • reinforced pipes from 20 mm to 125 mm for hot water supply and heating
  • wide range of fittings for installation works

PE-Xa and PE-Xb pipes and fittings

Innovative solutions for water supply, heating, floor heating, air conditioning and snow melting systems

  • water supply pipes from 16 mm to 32 mm
  • pipes with oxygen barrier layer for underfloor and radiator heating from 16 mm to 32 mm
  • wide range of fittings for installation works

PVC pipes, channels and accessories for cable laying

Comfortable and fireproof solution for cable laying

  • corrugated pipes for cable protection from 16 mm to 50 mm
  • cable channels 16 mm - 60 mm
  • junction boxes

PPSU/PVDF fittings

The most advanced solution for connecting flexible polymer pipes

  • wide range of PPSU axial fittings
  • PVDF tension sleeves

Accessories for pipes and plumbing

Everything you need for complete installations

  • fasteners, clamps, wrenches, casings, and other installation accessories


CLEVER pays special attention to choosing the suppliers of pipe extrusion lines and injection molding machines. The main task is to provide high quality products, their reliability and environmental friendliness. And it can be solved only with the most professional, modern and fully automated equipment.
Today CLEVER's production facilities include 10 pipe extrusion lines and 12 injection molding machines.

iBA Gmbh






raw materials

CLEVER only works with the world's leading manufacturers of polymer raw materials that are able to provide the highest quality of products.



LG Chem



Nippon Glass



The company has its own laboratory equipped with the equipment of the world's leading manufacturers. The laboratory is accredited in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and is used both for its own production purposes and for independent testing of third-party products.

Stages of control:

Incoming control

control of raw materials and components

Operational control

control at the stage of production

Acceptance control

batch acceptance

Research activities

Types of tests:

  • Definition of geometrical features
  • Determination of elongation at break
  • Length change after heating
  • Determination of melt flow index
  • Determination of degree of cross-linking
  • Hydrostatic testing of finished products
  • Determination of maximum bending moment
  • Determination of volatile matter content

Branding (OEM)

CLEVER offers its production facilities to produce pipes and fittings under the customer's brand. Doing so, the customer receives the highest quality products, and has the opportunity to implement its own marketing and individual sales strategy. The company keeps the full range of its warranty obligations, allowing the customer not only to save on their production investment, but also to provide the safest solution to their customers.
CLEVER successfully cooperates with such well-known companies as "ROSTERM", "KNAUFF", and also produces products for European DYI network "LEROY MERLIN" under the brands of "Equation" and "LEXMAN".

sales map

CLEVER's main sales market is the territory of the Russian Federation, where there are more than 130 sales representatives in 56 cities. At the same time CLEVER is always open to offers to export its products and already has successful experience of cooperation with such countries as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and others.






198323 Russia
Volkhonskoe shosse, 112
+7 (812) 407-25-76